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Strata-Living in Johor, Massive Building Defects

Discussion in 'A Singaporean's guide to Living In JB' started by Botak1, May 16, 2018.

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    I believe the Ujana Problems is considered "small", compared to the other Bigger Condos nearby,...

    The purpose of this Post, is to share REAL Experience, and to try find Solutions,..

    "Good Day, All,

    I live in a Strata-Apartment in West Johor, named Ujana Apartments.

    And from the beginning in 2012,December, there have been massive fundamental problems* with this apartment

    Problems were "fixed", however the same problem re-surfaces again and again.

    The developer absolves responsibility, by depending on documents that may be forged.

    JMB was coerced into accepting superficial rectifications, but the defects remain, besides the inexperienced JMB, then-Chairman was believed to be Corrupted, and decided on many issues which went against the interest of Ujana, e.g.the Poolside Decking Repairs,..

    The JMB passed on the problems to the MC, and this 2016,2017, 2018-until April 30th" MC, - being of suspicious in professional ethics- continue to deflect responsibilities to solve the problems*

    This current MC refuses to entertain my queries, refuses to answer my questions <- Does the Strata Act specify that the MC Must give replies, answers ?

    Owners are NOT united, because of majority of Owners, being "Investor-Owners",..

    Problems persists after the DLP,

    MA remains incompetent, and is actively engaged in private un-licenced property Agency-letting of Ujana units,etc.,...


    1. Fire Monitors NOT working since beginning, in y2012

    2. Water Riser Booster Pump, only 1 of 2 is working

    3.Lightning Arrestors, NOT functioning well. Ujana had experienced at lease 4 lightning strikes over the years & everytime there is a lightning strike, the cctv, car park barriers,..access doors,..etc,..stops working

    4. Defective Lifts - till to-day, there is still NO "Licence-to-Operate" for the Ujana Lifts

    5. ..etc.,..

    Help !!!!!!

    What else, can I do ?
    Legally, the Developer had cleverly escaped Liabilities.

    Would any well-connected persons in this forum, be able to help me - by introducing me to the very Top Executive in UEM-Sunrise, Please ?

    All Your Advice,..is very much Appreciated,
    Thank You,

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