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Singapore is better than Australia and New Zealand.

Discussion in 'Emigration Matters [no rep deductions]' started by senatorabudelai, May 20, 2010.

  1. valiant20

    valiant20 Alfrescian (InfP) Old Timer

    May 17, 2012
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    Realised most of the Cambodians that I meet here are Teochew-nang :)
  2. axe168

    axe168 Alfrescian Old Timer

    Aug 8, 2008
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    Teochew-nang, kar chung ang ang,
    Heng lang pa si bo siang kang..

  3. Madhva

    Madhva New Member

    Aug 31, 2015
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    Yes Singapore is better then Australia but can't be comparable with New Zealand
    New Zealand is way better then Singapore
    New Zealand have lowest crime rate then Singapore
    New Zealand is a isolated land which enjoys best climate then Singapore
    New Zealand had only 5% human population
    New Zealand is a unspoilt country
    New Zealand have least crime rate then Singapore
    In New Zealand being racist is a crime and have a punished in jail Which is not in Singapore
    New Zealand is cheaper then Singapore only living expanses are higher
    New Zealand have problems in finding job but once found they ain't get problem while working like in Singapore
    Lifestyle is not harder in New Zealand then it is in Singapore
    Best part of Singapore is you can find job easily and Earn more then New Zealand
    but Singapore doesn't have good lifestyle like New Zealand have
    New Zealand have world's friendliest people
    New Zealand is the only safest place to hide if world war 3 rises
    New Zealand have women rights too
    New Zealand have good apartments (hard to find but not so harder like Singapore)
    If New Zealand GDP rise then Singapore will never be in the list of top 10 most Livable countries in the world.....
    Sorry for Comparing New Zealand with Singapore
    Singapore is best in Marketing in current situation
  4. neddy

    neddy Alfrescian (Inf)

    Jul 14, 2008
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    But one point not mentioned.

    Very very important one which a narrow Singkie brain cannot fathom.

    NZ got BIG earthquake.

    Scared or not?

  5. househusband

    househusband Alfrescian Old Timer

    Jun 29, 2017
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    Wow! I know this post's 7 years late but I didn't know about these stats until now. Do these still apply today?
  6. Ash007

    Ash007 Alfrescian Old Timer

    Aug 27, 2009
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    Meh I'll try to answer again.


    1. Australia cost of living is very high. Daily products and houses are expensive.

    Not sure, but if you eat in, instead of eat out everyday its manageable. 1 bowl of laksa is around $13-$15 mark. If you cook, mince meat is around $6 500gram.
    Houses, has gone up, signs of slowing down. But meh, everywhere else house prices has gone up as well.

    2. China's booming. Singapore's economy is sky rocketing. Singapore is well placed to ride the China and India boom. Singapore's GDP per capita (nominal) is expected to overtake Japan this year. Becoming the highest per capita GDP in Asia amongst all non oil countries! (Note UAE and Qatar will always have higher GDP than Singapore because they depend on their oil. They don't have a free market system like Singapore)

    China booming has benefited Australia more then Singapore in this regards. Heaps of Chinaman buying aussie milk. Companies like A2 Belamy racking in the dollar here. So much so that supermarkets are putting in restrictions on number of cans each can buy.

    3. Singapore has an exciting future. ASEAN might become another CARICOM or MERCUSR, your Singapore passport can allow u to work and live freely in other ASEAN countries. Growth in Singapore is so tremendrous. Asia is booming. Singapore will ride China's and India's wave because SG speak their languages.

    Meh, so does my aussie passport. Traveling to countries is not an issue nowadays. Heaps of chinese and Indians here. So languages isn't a problem. I'll say, aussieland speaks more languages then SG. Vietnamese/tagalog/koreans/Japanese.

    3. Singapore is much safer, less corrupted and has more convenient amentities (library, food court, everything just 15mins away) than Australia. You can walk down any streets in Singapore and feel safe anytime everytime. Can you do that in Australia?

    Sure, crime might preceived as higher here. But I never feel unsafe walking the streets here either.

    4. Singapore offers a better place to bring up kids. Billingual education. Chinese is the language of the future. In Singapore, your kids will learn Chinese. Jim Rogers once said "if you were smart in 1800, you lived in London; if you were smart in 1900, you lived in New York.; Now if u were smart in 2010, you live in Asia". The billionaire moved to Singapore. And he is not alone, Gong Li, Jet Li, Jackie Chan, Co Co Lee etc all want to move to Singapore.

    Heaps of Bilingual classes here now. Korean/Mandarin/Vietnameses. ABC iview even have mandarin version of the cartoons for the kids. Heaps of rich chinese settled here as well. Not sure what the fuss is about.

    Singapore has no drug problem. Australia has a serious drug problem. 40% used drugs before. ( http://www.aihw.gov.au/publications/...a04/sdua04.pdf ) That is just disgusting.

    I don't use drugs, its not like its not a problem. But the people around me don't either. There are talks of legalising marijuana for medical uses. But meh, so what?

    5. Alot of people talk about the less stressful lifestyle in Australia. But in Singapore, if you just be a bit creative, you can easily get a nice house in JB, Malaysia or Indonesia and enjoy the less stressful lifestyle there as well every weekend or day. Plus the cost of things are so cheap.

    Well, you are not in Singapore then right? And don't tell me traveling thru the causway, 2nd link is not stressfull in itself?

    6. In Australia, technology is so backwards. 80 SGD can get you a 100mbps internet line. In Australia, it gets you a CAPPED 120GB 5mbps internet line. And how much is the activation fee? 400 sgd!

    Meh, happy with my internet. Honestly, with 100mbps what you gona do with it? Download pr0n?

    Same goes for public transport, infrastructure, business etc. Singapore is much better.

    Not really? I hear MRT keeps breaking down nowadays.

    7. Australia has water problems. South Australia is rationing water. Small towns only have rain water tanks. Yucks, do you dare to drink rainwater? :eek:

    Water still clean and cheap. Unless you own a pool, water usage is manageable. like 30cents for a deca litre. Utility around $300 a quarter. so no biggy.

    8. Australia has lots of dangerous animals. Jellyfish that kill , most dangerous snakes, most dangerous spiders, all found in Australia.

    "Funnel-webs are probably one of the three most dangerous spiders in the world and are regarded by some to be the most dangerous."

    Here's what someone living in Australia thinks about the funnel web spiders around her house (most dangerous spider in the world, one bite and your child can die of posioning)

    "Because......we get them in the house constantly, and since they are NOT afraid of people, you can step on one and get bit quite easily.
    I'd say here in the house, because of my living situation, I see prolly a funnel web once a month now in winter and last summer I saw them once a week, crawling near my bed quite often, and yes they hide in shoes...so when u have to get up to pee in the middle of the night...given they really can kill you...and talk about having a baby here in a few months...it's the only scary thing here, really."

    Yes.. Animals here will kill you! even sea lice recently can eat your flesh alive. So don't come here if you are afraid to DIE/KiaSi.


    9. In Singapore, you can hire an expatriate maid to help you do your family chores. You can't do that in Australia.

    You can, but their salary has to be like 80K a year. I know someone with like 2 nannies and a helper. We pay decent living wages here, not slave wages.

    10. Running a business in Australia is exhorbitantly expensive. You pay 20AUD/hr just for a waiter. Plumbers cost hundreds of dollars.

    Well, we get paid a lot more for our wages as well.

    In Singapore, unskilled labour is cheap. Very good place to run a business.

    Good things are not cheap, cheap things are not good.

    11. In Singapore, there are much much more jobs and career options than Australia. If you live in a small Australian town, there are no jobs for you. Even their biggest cities like Sydney etc cannot compare to 1/4 of Singapore's career choices. Singapore has more than 100 banks! Lots of career choices from Banking, healtcare, etc.

    Explains why 90% of new migrants are in Sydney and Melbourne.

    12. Food. Food is Singapore is much cheaper and better than Australia. 1.50 AUD for 12 eggs! 1.5AUD for big packet of soya bean milk! 2.50-3 AUD can get you a decent meal of Wantan noodles, Char Kway Teow, Mixed vege rice etc. In Aus, it cannot even get you a drink!

    Chinese, British, American, Indian, Turkish, all kinds of cusine cuisine can be found in Singapore!! In Aus, it is 90% the usual Australian food.

    Yah, I also get vietnamese, korean, italian, greek, aboriginals on top of the standard Singapore char kwei teow as well.

    13. Military defence. Australia has a very run down armed forces. only 50k soldiers. Their strategy is basically to wait for America's help. Indonesia has 500k. Singapore has 400k.

    I'll say the US would prolly come to our defence a lot earlier then SIngapore.

    14. Singapore's property prices will skyrocket in a few decades. 20 years ago, 3 room HDB flats cost 60k SGD. Now they cost 200k SGD.

    Sydney hour prices has skyrocketed by 80% in the last 5 years at least. Median is 1.2mil now.

    15. Singapore's CPF! you will have money for old age, housing! The employer puts in 12% as well dont forget!

    We have Super, that is not government control. Employers puts in around 11% for me. You can also self managed them if you want. What about CPF? Can do the same?
    I managed to play stock market and sitting on around +50% now in 2 years.
  7. househusband

    househusband Alfrescian Old Timer

    Jun 29, 2017
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    Thanks, Ash007!
  8. bobby

    bobby Alfrescian Old Timer

    Jun 11, 2017
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    If you want to compare like for like and expect the same when you move to another country...do not even think of emigration.

    To emigrate is a complete change of lifestyle.

    If you want to pick the nitty gritty and gripe and compare....there will be no end to it.

    The main motivation is QUALITY OF LIFE...in all aspects, be it politically, mentally, healthily and financially.
  9. bigozt

    bigozt Alfrescian Old Timer

    Dec 1, 2017
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    Comparing Sinkapore, a land starved and deliberately overcrowded city state, to the continental-sized country of Australia or decent-sized and pristine NZ, is like comparing a single olive vs a 25-inch pizza and a 8-inch gourmet pizza. This exercise is a waste of brain power. Compare Sg to Sydney, Auckland or Shanghai more like it.

    Sg is just a small little red dot peesai convenient pit stop for whatever you want to do in your life journey. Unfortunate for the natives born there, but they get the #1 passport in the world.

    Fat Euro banker expats come to make their career, money, enjoy travel and snorkeling around the region, screw the SPGs and punch our taxi drivers in the face for only $57.

    Indian/China engineers come to take up all the tech/engineering places at our unis, graduate, slave for a few years at low wage, get experience and then jump ship to America's Silicon Valley or Aussie land, or back to Ali Baba's China.

    Use Sg for what's it worth and seek your muse elsewhere

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