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Salesman jailed 8 months for embezzlement

Discussion in 'Singapore Crime' started by Grand Moff Tarkin, May 31, 2011.

  1. May 30, 2011

    Salesman jailed 8 months for embezzlement

    By Khushwant Singh

    A FORMER sales associate, who blew the whistle on a misappropriating scheme at the Boss Orange outlet in Mandarin Gallery, was jailed eight months for his involvement on Monday.

    A district court heard that Muhammad Eunos Abdul Rahman, 30, committed the offence with his colleague Hamzah Idil, 27.

    They would collect payments from customers but omit keying in the sale transactions into the company's computer system.

    From February to May last year, they pocketed $26,023 which they split.

    However, there was a falling out between them and Muhammad Eunos spilled the beans to retail manager Sim Hock Choon, 38, who called in the police.

    Hamzah was jailed eight months in February. He had returned $2,000 of the money he had taken.

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