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Horse racing punters , fans fall in here ...

Discussion in 'Sports/Games/Hobbies' started by BCR101, Jan 11, 2010.

  1. BCR101

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    Betting on horses, like many methods of making money, can be treated like a hobby or a business. Some punters will seek help from the professionals and will get their horse racing tips that way. Others will study the form themselves and many people like to use a mix of both of those methods before placing their bets.

    So which way do you approach your betting? As a hobby or as a serious way to make money?

    Professional horse racing punters treat horse racing as a business. A serious business. And for many, it can mean that their entire annual income is generated by following a sport that they love, whilst sometimes making more in a month than many people make in a year.

    It's not all about just placing a bet and going to the payout counter though! There will be losing streaks as well as winning ones, even for the professionals. The ability to handle both winning and losing bets with an unemotional mindset is what separates the professional horse racing gambler from the amateur. When betting on horse racing, the professional punter knows that losing bets are as much a part of the business as winning ones and they are mentally prepared for that.

    The age old advice of never betting more than you can comfortably afford to lose is very valid when it comes to betting on horses or following horse racing tipsters.

    You should always set aside a comfortable amount that is to be used solely for betting purposes and that 'betting bank' should be used to place your bets and nothing else.

    An approach that many professional horse racing gamblers use is to bet a certain percentage of their bank when placing a bet.

    For example, you may decide that a comfortable level is to bet perhaps 5% of your bank per bet. As your betting bank grows, your 5% stake equates to larger amounts per individual bet and if the bank reduces your betting amounts will reduce as well.

    Using this method, you are always betting a percentage of your total betting bank however large or small it may be. This can offer a modicum of protection as long as you don't fall into the trap of deviating from the method and deciding to bet a larger stake on a particular horse.

    Not surprisingly, professional horse racing punters achieve their financial success by doing things somewhat differently than the amateur and by treating horse racing as not only an enjoyable way to make a living, but also as a business that can last a lifetime.
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    Mr Charles Leck

    Nominee: Mr Charles Leck

    Company: Charles Leck Thoroughbreds Racing Pte Ltd

    Address: Stable Block 106 A & B, Singapore Racecourse, 1 Turf Club Avenue
    Website: -


    Interview with Mr Charles Leck

    1. What is the nature of your business? (Business Profile)
    It is a combination of being an athletic coach, to bring the horses to pinnacle fitness, and a stockbroker, to advice the client when is the appropriate time to have a wager.

    2. What made you embark on this venture choice?
    I was exposed to racehorses at a young age as my mother was a racehorse owner and the beautiful horses aroused my interest. I went to Melbourne to learn about racehorse training and received my training under several mentors in Australia in late 1988, after which I left for Macau. I obtained my professional trainer's licence from the Macau Jockey Club in 1990 and won its Trainers' Premiership in 1992, 1993 and 1994 before returning to Singapore in 1995.

    3. How does your business work? My business revolves around purchasing quality racehorses on behalf of the racehorse owners and using the quality horses to achieve winning results. With results, the racehorse owners will invest more money in buying higher quality racehorses.

    4. Did you have the capital to start the business or did you have to borrow from someone to get started? I took a 500K loan from my mother. It is not a small sum of money and my mother lent me the money because she has faith in me. And I did not let her down.

    5. Do your parents have their own businesses too? Have they inspired you in one way or another? Yes, we do have a family business but I had no interest in it. In fact, my family discouraged me from starting my own business.

    6. What was your childhood dream? When did you decide that you would strike out on your own instead of working for someone else?
    My childhood dream was to become a successful racehorse trainer. I was actually helping out in the family business for four years, after my NS, but due to the lack of interest, I decided to pursue my dreams.

    7. Why does someone decide to be on their own rather than join an existing company? I wanted to do something of my interest. And my interest lies solely in racehorses. I believe it is the only trade I will be successful in. (a) My love for animals and my strong determination. I did not allow myself to fail. I tried and I tried very hard.

    8. Are there at any point in your life that you experienced a significant event (WW2, racial riots of the 1960s, the Economic Crisis of the 80s or 90s, SARS, new competition or shifts in market behaviour and trends) which affected or influenced you and your business that made you change the way you think and do your business? I guess not. To a racehorse trainer, it is mainly competition from foreign trainers, and getting better quality racehorses that matters the most.

    9. What are some of the challenges in starting a business from scratch? (Modify question to what are some of the challenges in maintaining a family business if applicable.)
    It was obtaining a professional trainer's licence. I tried applying from the MRA (Malayan Racing Association) which runs the Singapore Turf Club, which was rejected. My opportunity came when there was an opening in Macau where I obtained professional trainer's licence from the Macau Jockey Club in 1990 by working as an assistant trainer for a year. However, it wasn’t business back in Macau. I was a salaried worker.

    10. Who/What motivates you? After getting involved in Macau, I saw the kind of rewards one could get from racehorse training. The (monetary) returns and also the fame motivated me to start my own. I had a lot of success in Macau by winning the championship (average of 60 accumulated wins in a year) for three consecutive years. In terms of experience, exposure and connections, I was ready to head south to start my own business in racehorse training.

    11. Tell me about the first few customers and the first few years of business.
    I was lucky, because my credentials in Macau was published here in Singapore, so I was getting calls from owners whom I have not met before, before I started my business proper. I felt really lucky, I was able to get good clientele and from 25 racehorses, I expanded to 45 within three months and to today's strength of 80 racehorses in my stable.

    12. Please tell me some stories of your best day in business or your proudest achievement to date. Charles Leck started out as a trainer in Macau in 1992. He won the Macau Trainers' Championship for three successive seasons, in 1992, 1993 and 1994, before returning to Singapore. On his return, he immediately made an impact in the MRA circuit in 1996 with several feature wins. Leck won the MRA Trainers' Premiership in the 1998, 1999 and 2003 racing seasons. In his third season as a MRA-licensed trainer, he won its championship and repeated the same performance in 1999. Leck has sent out numerous winners in the MRA circuit. Among his major successes are the Queen Elizabeth II Cup, the Raffles Cup, the Lion City Cup (five times), Three Rings Trophy, just to name a few. Lion City Cup 2005 Fisher Stakes 2005 Chairman's Trophy 2004 Fischer Stakes 2004, 2001, 2000 Kranji Sprint 2004, 2003, 2002 Lion City Cup 2004, 2002, 2001 2000 Three Rings Trophy 2003 Singapore Guineas 2003 Jumbo Jet Trophy 2003 Singapore 3YO Challenge (2nd & 3rd Legs) 2003 Silver Plate 2003, 2000 Stewards' Cup 2002 Juvenile Championship 2002 Kranji Mile 2002 Patrons' Bowl 2002 Star Prince Challenge 2002, 2001, 2000 The Martell Cup 2001, 2000 Tiger Beer Triple Challenge (1st and 2nd Legs) 2000 MRA Cup 1998 & 1997 Queen Elizabeth II Cup 1996 Raffles Cup 1997 & 1996

    13. Do you recall your worst day in business? Have you ever felt like giving up? On a race day where owners lose a lot of money. This occurs when horses run below expectation. When this happens, I get a lot of unhappy clients and I risk losing these clients to my competitors. Training racehorses has got its high and low moments, hardwork and good horses will bring one fame and satisfaction that cannot be derived in any other career.

    14. When was the moment you realised the business would work and support you? Right from the beginning.

    15. What are some of the things you have had to overcome to succeed? Very good stable management. As in all businesses, we need to maintain low overheads with maximum results. Efficiency was the key.

    16. What are some qualities that you feel you possess which differentiate you from someone who works for others? My leadership qualities in leading the stable, which I acquired from my full-time studies and part-time work in Australia. Also observation skills.

    17. To succeed in business, what qualities are essential? What are some of the secrets in making a successful business? Hard work is essential. There is no secret, and if there is, it is purely hard work.

    18. Who or what inspires you?
    Ivan Allan. He is the legend in MRA for the last 30 years. He is the most successful and also a well-respected trainer in the region.

    19. Have you ever thought of expanding the business in some way or in multiple locations? How and where? I tried venturing into setting up a stable to train horses in KL, Malaysia in 2003. However, it was a satellite operation, as MRA does not allow one trainer to have two stables. Hence it failed.

    20. What aspects of expansion would you like to see for your enterprise?
    The ability to train on both sides of the causeway.

    21. In your opinion, how would you define entrepreneurship? The gung-ho spirit. One who is not afraid to fail, streetwise and able to pick and push yourself up in difficult circumstances.

    22. To what extent does one?s educational level help or hinder entrepreneurial-ship? It is not important but education would be helpful. In my trade, it is all about being a good horseman.

    23. As we try to select the final 41 entrepreneurs, what qualities would you think a person should have to inspire others? Solid leadership qualities. He must gain respect from peers and instill a certain amount of fear in subordinates.

    24. What are some of your own values in doing business and what do you like to pass down to others, particularly the younger generation? Be hardworking. Be extremely hardworking and do not be afraid of failure.

    25. Please help me make a three-line summary of this interview after the basic information: your name, name of your business and kind of business. These three lines will highlight the interview for those who will be reading the summaries prior to reading the entire interview.
    He fed his first carrot to horse when he was 11. Now, he takes care of 80 stunning racehorses.

    26. Student Interviewer's Personal Comment I love all the pretty horses I met at Mr. Charles Leck's stable. I learnt a lot about racehorses from Mr. Leck. He was patient to clarify all my doubts and answered all my questions with candor.

    Interviewed by Jeanali Low on 2006-05-09. Student can be reached at [email protected]
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    Singapore Turf Club : By Tan, Bonny written on 1998-04-09
    National Library Board Singapore

    Comments on article: InfopediaTalk

    The Singapore Turf Club (STC), renowned for its horse-racing, is the oldest existing club in Singapore. It was founded by Scottish merchant William Henry Macleod Read and began as the Singapore Sporting Club on 4 October 1842.

    The grandstand and track were built in less than five months on swampy land in what is today Farrer Park. The first race meeting was held on 23 February and 25 February 1843 to mark the 24th anniversary of the founding of Singapore by Sir Stamford Raffles. W. H. M. Read himself won the first Derby, called the Singapore Cup, taking home the prize money of $150. The race course was also used for significant events like the Centenary Celebrations of Singapore's founding in February 1919 and the flight of the first plane over Singapore in March 1911.

    In 1840s, the sport was wholly amateur, with owners training and riding their own ponies. Burmese and Chinese ponies were used before the Australian griffins were brought in for the first time in the 1880s. The sale of Australian horses took place in Commercial Square, now known as Raffles Place until 1886 when the venue was changed to Abrams Horse Repository in Coleman Street. The increasing popularity of racing at the turn of the century attracted a larger audience and led to revamped facilities like new stables and a larger grandstand in 1910.

    Other activities
    On non-racing days, the grounds became grazing land for sheep from Belilios Road and Kerbau Lane and served as a nine-hole golf course. An 1878 plan indicated projections for a 400 yard rifle range at the course but the artillery range that was finally built at Target Road was closed in 1922 when housing developed around it.

    Bukit Timah Turf Club
    In 1924, the Singapore Turf Club (STC) got its name to reflect its racing activities. As the racing fever caught on, the facilities at Farrer Park had become inadequate. So, in 1927, the STC sold Farrer Park to the Singapore Improvement Trust (SIT) and purchased part of a Bukit Timah rubber estate. The new course at Bukit Timah was opened on 15 April 1933. Amazingly, it was only in 1960 that members of the public were allowed to attend races which, before then, were restricted to members and owners.

    When STC refused to act as an agent for a new controlling body set up by the Government called the Singapore Totalisator Board, the Bukit Turf Club was registered instead to run races at Bukit Timah and the 4 digit lottery draws. However, in June 1994, after STC deregistered, the Singapore Turf Club got back its name to "identify the club with its country of origin". The Turf Club's location on prime land made it imminent that it would have to move on to a different location. In March 1993, it was announced that the 140 ha turf club site would be released for residential development after 1995.

    Kranji course
    Work began on the new 81.2 ha Kranji course in 1996. The S$5 million race course was opened on 4 March 2000 by the President of the Republic of Singapore, S. R. Nathan with the S$3 million SIA International Cup as its opening race. Saimee Jumaat riding Ouzo, was the only local jockey in the 14 horse field but made the opening ceremony sweeter by taking the cup and beating some of the best jockeys worldwide. The event was witnessed by a crowd of 28,000 and was the first horse race broadcast live in Singapore and worldwide.

    Bonny Tan
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    Owner and trainer Ivan Allan dies aged 68 By Jon Lees6.02PM 4 NOV 2009 IVAN ALLAN, a multiple champion trainer in the Far East but best remembered in Britain as the owner of Commanche Run, the 1984 winner of the St Leger, has died in Singapore after a long illness.

    Allan, who was 68, was one of the most successful trainers in the history of racing in Hong Kong and his native Singapore, but also enjoyed a string of successes in Britain with horses such as Commanche Run, Classic Cliche, Citidancer, Capricorn Belle and Chateau Istana. He also raced horses in partnership with Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson.

    Commanche Run helped Lester Piggott set a new record for the number of Classic winners ridden by a jockey when becoming the rider's 28th Classicvictory in the St Leger and the following season added the Benson & Hedges Gold Cup and the Irish Champion Stakes to his tally.

    Allan was seven times champion trainer of Malaysia and Singapore and trained for 12 years in Hong Kong until he retired at the end of the 2003-04 season, a period in which he clinched three titles and produced six Horse of the Year winners.

    Luca Cumani, who trained Commanche Run for Allan, said: "I was very privileged to train for him and we had some great times with Commanche Run.

    "He was extremely knowledgeable about horses and racing in general and it's really sad to hear this news.

    "I saw him in Hong Kong last year and had a long chat with him and we always remained on very good terms. I knew he had gone back to Singapore."
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    Friday, 6 November 2009: Renowned international trainer, owner and breeder Ivan Allan has died in Singapore at the age of 68.

    Allan, who was born in Singapore, was an influential racing industry player in a number of countries including Australia and New Zealand.

    He also had a prominent involvement in racing in Europe where he raced the 1984 St Leger winner Commanche Run. Allan also owned other noted Group One performers Classic Cliche and Citidancer.

    Allan, who had been suffering from a long illness, was a former champion trainer in Malaysia and Singapore seven times and was three time champion trainer in Hong Kong.

    Allan trained six winners of the Horse of the Year title during his 12 years in Hong Kong during a career that spanned almost 40 years until he retired from training in 2004.

    He owned numerous horses that raced in Australia and New Zealand and also had a deep involvement in the breeding industries in both countries.
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    Friday, 6 November 2009: Allan, who was born in Singapore, was an influential racing industry player in a number of countries including Australia and New Zealand.

    He also had a prominent involvement in racing in Europe where he raced the 1984 St Leger winner Commanche Run. Allan also owned other noted Group One performers Classic Cliche and Citidancer.

    Allan, who had been suffering from a long illness, was a former champion trainer in Malaysia and Singapore seven times and was three time champion trainer in Hong Kong.

    Allan trained six winners of the Horse of the Year title during his 12 years in Hong Kong during a career that spanned almost 40 years until he retired from training in 2004.

    He owned numerous horses that raced in Australia and New Zealand and also had a deep involvement in the breeding industries in both countries.
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    Race Meeting: 28/04/2010 Happy Valley WED

    RACE 8

    Class 3 - 1650 Metres - (080-060)
    HK$ 850,000.00
    56k Broadband

    Going : Good To Firm
    Course : Turf - "C" Course
    Race Time : (27.97) (51.42) (1.16.70) (1.40.16)
    Sectional Time : 27.97 23.45 25.28 23.46

    Plc. Horse No. Horse Jockey Actual Wt. Draw LBW Time
    1 11 HOLIDAY SUN(J328) J Lloyd 115 5 - 1.40.16
    2 9 ROYAL KNIGHT(L094) O Doleuze 119 10 1/2 1.40.26
    3 3 MASTER GUNNER(J142) D Beadman 126 7 3/4 1.40.30

    4 1 GREAT GUY(H112) M Chadwick 133-3 8 2-1/4 1.40.52
    5 8 LEO'S PRIDE(K094) B Doyle 120 2 3 1.40.65
    6 6 SUPERNOVA(J032) W C Marwing 122 3 3 1.40.65 7 5 MOON CHASER(K013) Z Purton 123 9 3-3/4 1.40.77
    8 2 TEAM WORK(H276) Y T Cheng 129-2 4 4-1/2 1.40.90
    9 10 MERIDIAN PRIDE(H057) W M Lai 116-2 6 4-3/4 1.40.93
    10 7 GILDED FLIGHT(H294) K C Leung 120-5 12 5-1/2 1.41.04
    11 12 WARM EMBRACES(J162) M W Leung 113-3 1 7 1.41.30
    12 4 O'REILLY MAGIC(J134) B Prebble 126 11 10 1.41.75

    Note: Special incidents index
    Pool Winning Combination Dividend (HK$)
    WIN 11 66.50
    PLACE 11 24.00
    9 32.00
    3 27.50
    QUINELLA 9,11 633.00
    QUINELLA PLACE 9,11 184.50
    3,11 94.50
    3,9 124.50
    TIERCE 11,9,3 7,866.00
    TRIO 3,9,11 1,223.00
    FIRST 4 1,3,9,11 2,420.00
    7TH DOUBLE 5/11 549.50
    5/9 200.50
    TREBLE 7/5/11 1,165.00
    7/5/9 470.00
    SIX-UP 2,5/4,8/2,7/3,7/5,6/9,11 7,102.00
    2/8/7/7/5/11 827,971.00
    JOCKEY CHALLENGE 1 [B Prebble] Details

    Race Running Position Photos

    Comments on Running

    Racing Incident Report
    LEO’S PRIDE, which was leaning against the outside of its barrier, was slow to begin. From wide barriers, ROYAL KNIGHT and O’REILLY MAGIC were taken across behind runners shortly after the start. A short distance after the start, MERIDIAN PRIDE was checked when crowded for room between HOLIDAY SUN which shifted out and MASTER GUNNER which was taken in slightly by GREAT GUY. Near the 1300 Metres, MERIDIAN PRIDE was checked when briefly crowded for room inside MASTER GUNNER which shifted in slightly. When MERIDIAN PRIDE was checked, it shifted out, resulting in ROYAL KNIGHT and O’REILLY MAGIC being taken out. At the 400 Metres, HOLIDAY SUN was steadied when disappointed for running between SUPERNOVA and MASTER GUNNER which improved quickly around HOLIDAY SUN. SUPERNOVA was not able to obtain clear running until the 150 Metres whilst TEAM WORK was badly held up for the majority of the Straight. Throughout the race, MOON CHASER travelled wide and without cover. W C Marwing pleaded guilty to a charge of Rule 100(2) in that he failed to ride the 6th placegetter, SUPERNOVA, to the end of the race to the satisfaction of the Stewards. W C Marwing was fined a sum of $20,000. When questioned regarding the disappointing performance of O’REILLY MAGIC, B Prebble was not able to offer any explanation. He said from a wide barrier O’REILLY MAGIC travelled back in the field but was under pressure as far out as the 1000 Metres from the finish to maintain its position. He said O’REILLY MAGIC did not respond to his riding at any stage of the race. A veterinary inspection of O’REILLY MAGIC after the race including an endoscopic examination showed a substantial amount of mucopus in the horse’s trachea. In the circumstances, the performance of O’REILLY MAGIC was considered unacceptable. Before being allowed to race again, O’REILLY MAGIC will be required to perform to the satisfaction of the Stewards in an official barrier trial and be subjected to an official veterinary examination. O’REILLY MAGIC, HOLIDAY SUN and ROYAL KNIGHT were sent for sampling.
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    Feb 5, 2010
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    to all horse racing bros i am going to cari makan at the races tonight and these will be my punting.

    R7-over the rainbow best bet of the day,forcast and tierce with
    1-smart excel
    3-master magic
    5-mr timely

    R9-drama club another best bet base on his eyecatching debut,forcast him with
    6-juwel a improving poly special

    small bet on these races.
    R2-blue condor a impressive nk,hd debut well bred.forcast wiyh
    5-bert lost to a very good horse in debut
    1-zac imperial won a barrier trail last week fast time.

    R4-tian lu lost through weak riding last start,stronger jockey now.
    10-little red same trainer as tian lu take note on tote
    11-fairy king prawn 8 lucky domino place chance

    R8-tobias lost to a horse that won G2 last week should win with in form jockey
    9-nobleman won well still in form
    5-sinfour 8-joyluck place chance.

    good luck and happy punting.
  12. Talking Donkey

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    Feb 5, 2010
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    to racing fans bros,these will be the horses i will be punting tomorow.

    R2-Gustoriko a very impressive trial winner should see off this field with lightweight.
    1-magical wonderland forcast.
    3-my yearly v place chance

    R3-Probo chandroso a very well bred impressive debut win.
    1-thats gold place chance

    R4-Api Api a front runner meeting a average field
    8-russian roulette can surprise on his strong 2nd last start
    7-bullshot wide barrier place chance 11-anak lutong place chance

    R6-Northern lion has been burning up the track in the morning,consistent sort.
    3-touch luck turning into a poly track special
    1-wallinger place chance

    R7-silver element and sun enterainment both hard to split by very strong staying bloodline forcast bet is safe
    3-big minako and 4 empire crown both stable mate place chance.

    R10-waikato the only G1 winner in this field won krangi mile G1 in near record time 58kg
    4-keep away with his winning jockey back on top can surprise.

    good luck and happy punting.
  13. acer3939

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    Jul 15, 2008
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    well done n congrats!
  14. BCR101

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    Horse No Horse Name Win Dividend Place Dividend
    1st 4 KEEP AWAY $41.00 $14.00
    2nd 3 SUPERB $6.00
    3rd 8 RISKY BUSINESS $12.00
    4th 1 WAIKATO
    Forecast 3-4 $43.00



    See Sunday Result Here :


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    Launch of FM Receiver Service At Singapore Racecourse

    Singapore Turf Club

    Friday, April 30, 2010

    A new initiative launched by the Singapore Turf Club will allow racing fans to enjoy the convenience of listening to race commentaries with just the click of a button. Starting from 7 May 2010, racegoers will be able to use their mobile devices equipped with FM receivers to tune into channels to catch the live proceedings of both local and overseas meetings.

    Currently, customers will have to manoeuvre between audio zones within the grandstand to listen to their preferred language commentary. At areas where the two language broadcasts are adjacent, audio from one language broadcast will spill over to the other. In addition, the external interference heightens distraction levels.

    With the new FM Receiver Service available within the grandstand premises, customers can enjoy clearer race commentaries from their hand-held receiver. Moreover, customers may adjust the volume of race commentary to suit their own comfort level. The service also offers mobility to customers as they are no longer dependent on designated audio zones and they can move freely while tuned into the broadcasts. Customers can also choose to switch channels between race meetings at the same time.

    The table below denotes the four frequencies customers may tune into:

    Primary Meeting
    Secondary Meeting

    First Language


    Second Language


    - Commentaries for Singapore races will be in English and Mandarin

    - Commentaries for Hong Kong races will be in English and Cantonese

    - Commentaries for Australia, South Africa, Malaysia, and Europe races will be in English only

    Copyright 2010 Singapore Turf Club

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    Feb 5, 2010
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    to all racing fan bros,these will be my punting horses at krangi tonight.

    R2-4 prince pareto lost to a very good horse who won again last week in very fast time.
    8 magic world won a trail last week in fast time,watch last min plunge cause of dodgy connection.
    11.thriller in manilla good draw n jockey place chance.1 swagger meeting a much weaker field place chance.

    R3-5 fanstastic jaw well bred had 3 trail and is very forward.
    8-rise the limit has improve in his work and much better over turf.
    1 zambezi rush just transfer trainer can improve.

    R4-12 excel king staying bloodline right distance but weak app who has not won beyond 8f,can win if jockey dont kallang kabok.
    11-magical winner bred to stay has improve a ton under new trainer but weak jockey astride.
    9-kipadi won this distance easily before was in class 3 before.

    R5-8 dr lemon with a feather weight on his back and a consistent sort should be in first three.
    7-tumbulgum a very consistent horse.
    6-golden number won in a strong open field wiyh a strong rider can surprise.

    R6-6 viva panata back to poly when he won in record time can win.
    5-break free once a poly special is getting closer to winning.
    3-diplomatic strike place chance.

    R7-1 BTW napshot. forcast and place with dont tell my wife-alacarte-zac missile.

    R8-8 lion city tycoon in peak form can win again.
    12-magic sky eyecatching run forcast.
    2-happy ending facing much weaker field place chance.

    good luck and happy punting.
  17. Talking Donkey

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    Feb 5, 2010
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    To all racing fan bros,these will be my punting on this big day of SIA cup race day.

    R4-9 tarankali impressive 2nd in debut,in form working well
    5-intercept very consistent horse
    3-escamonda a G1 winner in brazil,trail well place chance

    R6-14 monterey in form was not more than 2lenght in his last 3start
    2-eternal traveller working well,in his pet distance now
    1-dubai gold improving horse.7 hear me plce chance

    R7-2 eclaire fastpass handicap in his favour ran G1 n G3 races in aus.
    7-shinning glory won very well in his debut in form

    R8-rocket man a top class horse.
    2-happy zero a very good top horse from hk can surprise.
    8-cheyene dancer place chance

    R10-gloria de campeao a brillant globetrotter can win again
    2-presvis can win if race closer to the pace
    4-lizard desire and al shemali place chance

    good luck and happy punting.
  18. Talking Donkey

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    Feb 5, 2010
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    to all racing fan bros,today races is very open so be very careful with your punting.

    R2-9 mary success won a trail in fast time and working well can win.
    8-so bad a very well bred dam related to royal academy and storm cat both very sucessful racehorse and sire.
    12.top priority lightweight and good barrier can surprise.

    R5-schmeichel back in form,use to race class two and three before have come in second twice on poly 1600m.
    2 samurai kid right distance place chance.
    4 gallant force working well first time 1600m on poly which he need
    1 bay of island place chance

    R6-ninth ave back in form work impressively can win
    8 best echo stronger rider up can surprise
    11 franco stablemate to nineth ave place cahnce
    2 gutsy knight drop class with stronger rider place chance

    R9-magical wonderland a very impressive poly winner can win
    7 sinthree can upset the field back to poly
    10 astra torres back in form won three races over poly place chance
    5 righthere rightnow place chance.

    good luck and happy punting.
  19. Talking Donkey

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    Feb 5, 2010
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    To all racing fans bros,this will be my investment at the races today.

    R1-5 sahoro won a very fast trail and burning up the track,watch tote plunge cause of dodgy connection.
    6-jungle littlland caught the eye in workout can suprise with top jockey up
    1-incognito downclass use to race against very good horses but drawn very wide.place chance
    11-sacred prince place chance

    R2-6 his my idol best of the day easily
    1 pasha khan improving with every run place chance
    5-eternal bright place chance

    R6-api api facing a much weaker field can win
    4-muffie legacy working well can improve
    6-bert working well too place chance

    R7-2 silver element in peak form can win again
    1-king falcon a strong finisher can go close
    7-village right distance now place chance

    R9-5 powerful ruler another best bet of the day
    7-gust good forcast back with lightweight won on this distance five time in good company

    good luck.
  20. Equalisation

    Equalisation Alfrescian (Inf)

    Oct 9, 2009
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    Innocent Star for outsider !:eek:

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