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陈水扁 #2 caught! full closet of $CASH$ & more!

Discussion in 'The Courtyard Café' started by UMNO Terrorist, May 16, 2018 at 9:42 PM.

  1. UMNO Terrorist

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    Jan 14, 2010
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    Got video pse click here


    【爆笑民政府】1億現金藏衣櫃 還有10億咧?
    鏡週刊Mirror Media

    1.9k 人追蹤
    2018年5月16日 上午4:59



    林志昇夫婦在桃園蘆竹新南路的豪宅,藏有上億元款項。(翻攝Google Maps)
    1. [​IMG]
    2. [​IMG]

    【爆笑民政府】運將受邀入閣當官 沒領薪水還倒貼養老金
    【爆笑民政府】1台幣換1美元 州長、眾議員都上當
    【爆笑民政府】祕書長稱與美國務院、CIA很熟 國父出面打臉

    相關新聞影音" data-reactid="75">相關新聞影音


    [Bursting People's Government] 100 Million Cash Closing Wardrobe There is still 1 Billion Yuan?
    [Mirror Mirror Media]
    Mirror Media Mirror Media
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    Mirror Weekly
    May 16, 2018 4:59am
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    The Taoyuan Prefecture Prosecutor’s Office commanded the Investigation Bureau and other units on Thursday to search for the Luzhu Mansion of the Central Hall of the Taiwanese Government and the Secretary-General Lin Zhisheng of the Taiwanese People’s Government in Guishan, Taoyuan, and found more than RMB 130 million in cash in the closet. The prosecutor pointed out that more than a hundred people accused Lin Zhisheng and his spouse of being suspected of fraud, and after the investigation, they discovered other problems such as tax arrears and money laundering. A number of victims who had served as "senior officials" of the Taiwanese government told the journal that Lin Zhisheng had more than 1 billion yuan in funds defrauded by him. The amount of funds found in the investigation was only a fraction of a million. Actually, the flow of money was unknown.

    "God! How much money!" The investigator who searched Lin Zhisheng, the secretary-general of the Taiwanese government, Taoyuan Luzhu Mansion, opened the closet door and saw a bundle of NT$1,000 billets filled with wardrobes. Exclaimed. On the morning of May 10th, the Taoyuan Procuratorate, together with the Investigation Bureau and the Guishan Branch, searched for the Taiwanese government’s Central Hall and Lin Zhisheng’s mansion in Guishan, Taoyuan. In addition to seizing 9 air guns and riot guns, they were also in the wardrobe. Found that more than 130 million yuan were mixed with foreign currency bills.
    In the wardrobe of Lin Zhisheng's couple's mansion, she was found to have found hundreds of millions of yuan in cash. (Camera network)
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    In the wardrobe of Lin Zhisheng's couple's mansion, she was found to have found hundreds of millions of yuan in cash. (Camera network)

    After the major actions in the seizure of unlawful income, Lin Zhisheng shouted: "The money is made by my wife (Lin Biao-an) selling fine products!" But the prosecutor still kept more than 23 million yuan under his name on the ground that he would prevent production loss. The account, 5 land property claims with a total value of more than 80 million yuan were seized and the couple were forbidden.
    Lin Zhisheng's husband and wife lived in a luxury mansion on Lunan New South Road in Taoyuan. (Flip Google Maps)
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    Lin Zhisheng's husband and wife lived in a luxury mansion on Lunan New South Road in Taoyuan. (Flip Google Maps)

    The Taiwanese people’s government claims that it has “black bears” in the army and has recently assembled to block protests against the people. (Reversing the official website of the Taiwanese government)
    The Taiwanese government is located in the central hall of Guishan, Taoyuan. Although the person in charge, Lin Zhisheng, was held in custody, it still held activities as usual.

    Lin Zhisheng's couple shouted that the victim felt even more embarrassed. The reporter interviewed Cai Chaopeng, a former member of the senior DPP who later joined the Taiwanese government as the governor of Tainan Prefecture. He said bluntly: “The Taiwanese government has more than 30,000 members, and it is estimated that Lin Zhisheng’s gold absorption is preliminary. Absolutely more than 1 billion yuan. He cannot afford to collect money in only one place. He hopes that the prosecution can deepen the investigation and return these huge sums of money to the people!"

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  2. JohnTan

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    Oct 30, 2014
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    Still dare to vote for oppies?? This happens when you let oppies form the government. They will loot the national coffers. We need a PAP government and PAP president to ensure oppies never get a chance to touch our blessed reserves.
  3. frenchbriefs

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    i bet PAPPIES would be jealous of this chink when they saw his cupboard........the biggest crooks are the PAP.

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