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    1. dennisb
      A 15 month-long Australian Senate inquiry, entitled “A hand up not a hand out: Renewing the fight against poverty”, identifies a continuing decline in income for many poor households and emphasises the central role of employment opportunities in tackling poverty. It highlights these points:

      Twenty-one per cent of Australians — about 3.6 million people — live on less than $A400 per week, which is $31 less than the full-time minimum wage

      The Democrats believe that the level of poverty in Australia is unacceptable. The wealth gap between the rich and poor in Australia has grown over the past decade. Despite more than a decade of continual economic growth, this prosperity has left many in middle Australia standing still and many of the poorest worse off.

      In recent times, the Government has even pushed through legislation which is directly contributing to higher poverty by reducing the incomes of many sole parents and people with disabilities.

      Who is affected by Poverty?
      > Indigenous Peoples
      Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people continue to be the most disadvantaged group in Australia. More >>
      > Women and sole parents
      Elderly single women and female sole parents are over represented in groups living on low incomes. More >>
      > Children
      The rate of poverty amongst children is 9.5 per cent, indicating that almost half a million children are living in poverty. More >>
      > Young people and students
      Poverty among young people is now so widespread that Governments must consider urgent action that goes beyond current policies. More >>
      > People with disabilities
      Poverty is particularly prevalent amongst people who have a disability. More >>
      > Migrants and Refugees
      Migrants and refugee communities face multiple disadvantages upon their arrival in Australia. More >>
      > The Ageing population
      Australians aged over 65 years are concentrated at the bottom of the income spectrum. More >>

      > Homeless People
      The estimated number of homeless people in Australia on Census night in 2001 was 100 000. More >>
      > Rural and Regional communities
      The factors influencing disadvantage in these communities include limited employment opportunities and a lack of services. More >>

      The issues around poverty are complex. For a detailed analysis please see our following Action Plans:
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      Edit Report 21-09-2010 05:49 AMMaddy
      Australian jailed for 'thrill' killing of Chinese

      SYDNEY — A man who murdered a Chinese woman in Australia was Wednesday given a life sentence for the brutal attack which the judge described as a premeditated, "thrill" killing of a complete stranger.

      Stavros Papadopoulos, 22, pleaded guilty to murdering 26-year-old University of Tasmania accounting student Zhang "Tina" Yu in his Hobart apartment in June 2009, reports said.

      His accomplice, 22-year-old Daniel Jo Williams, was sentenced to 10 years in jail on a charge of manslaughter.

      Tasmania's Supreme Court heard that the men met Yu at a takeaway pizza shop in the early hours of the morning and had driven her to Papadopoulos's apartment, The Mercury newspaper in Hobart said.

      Over the next three hours, she was subjected to such terrible violence and sexual abuse by Papadopoulos that she pleaded to be killed quickly, it said.

      After being repeatedly punched
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      Hi, saw you post on sammyboy - good job
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